My partner and I are very grateful for you accompaniment and professionalism at a time of marriage crisis. Thanks to gaining awareness of our mechanisms, we have been able to rebuild ourselves and find the essential again.

Man, 38

Thanks to your accompaniment, we have learned to communicate with each other better, to be less dependent on each other and to take responsibility for our shortcomings. We went to see you to try to get back our sexual relationship and we have recovered much more than that. We have also understood how the family in which each of us grew up is present in our relationship.

Woman, 46

Dear Dela, Thanks to your professionalism and commitment, I have become aware of what I am like and where my reactions and insecurities come from. I know myself better, I love myself more and I manage myself better. I am learning to live to the fully with what I am and what I have, and I do not seek happiness outside. Thank you very much.

Woman, 43

Delara is an excellent professional who has helped me to overcome my low points and achieve a state of peace and wellbeing. Thanks to your commitment and professionalism I have managed to overcome my fears and learn to live more based on my inner strength.
Thank you very much!

Man, 31

Thank you very much, Nacho, for your accompaniment and presence. After having tried several therapists, for the first time I feel comfortable and confident. I have managed to understand the mechanisms that were creating so many difficulties for me.
I feel that this therapy is helping me a lot and transforming me deeply. I am very grateful for the great job you have done. Thank you!

Man, 39

Dear Nacho,
I want to express my gratitude for your deep presence during the therapy. Your words always reach my heart and help me to connect with my inner strength. You have a gift for touching my soul and you know how to calm and help heal my wounded part. Thank you.

Woman, 42