Borja Garcia Gasset

General Health Psychologist
Specialized in hypnosis, trauma, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders.

Undergraduate in Psychology with Clinic speciality at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

Graduate in Reciprocal Interaction Therapy at the European Institute of Time-limited psychotherapy.
EMDR Therapist by the Spanish Institute of EMDR, Trauma and Dissociation Intervention.

SHEC Therapist, Neurophysiological Intervention
Trained in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).

Level I with Leslie Greenberg at York University
Trained in Gestalt therapy at the Madrid School of Gestalt Therapy, EMTG.
Qi gong and Taichí Teacher, at the Hun Yuan Foundation, Taichí Chuan, Spain

Specialized in individual therapy. My interest in health began from a very early age, I was interested in different health perspectives. My focus was specially on psychology, however I was also submerged in the cultivation of body-mind health through martial arts and the practice of meditation. I use my tools to accompany people in their personal growth process, providing the development of resources to live a fuller and healthier life.