Delara Fakhr

Doctor in Clinic Psychology in the USA (CSPP/UCLA).
Founder of Nassem

Trained in:
Gestalt Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy
Individual and Couples Therapy
Clinical psychologist with experience in Gestalt and transpersonal psychotherapy.

Specialist in working with adults, teenagers and couples. I run Mindfulness workshops for children and adults and have collaborated in the creation of mindfulness programmes for teenagers and adults in Spain, the USA and Iran.

Throughout all these years I have studied in depth and carried out research into the treatment of the psychological problems that affect people in order to provide a range of possibilities for personalized and individualized help for each case. To do so, I have trained in different types of therapy such as: Gestalt, Transpersonal, Working with People, Tapping, EMDR among others to offer an eclectic and integrating model.